Graduation – Class of 2014

Graduation is supposedly one of the best and most memorable days of your life. A day to celebrate the achievement of finishing university with a Bachelor’s degree in the field you have chosen. Parents and family members are to beam with pride and joy having helped in some way for you to reach this ultimate goal. That’s what they say anyway.

The question arises as to what happens to those of us who are unhappy with our degree results, but still plan to go to graduation.

Well, mostly the day consists of putting on a brave face and smiling unnaturally.

That’s probably what I should say, but it would be a lie. Graduation, if anything, brought to the forefront just what a crazy ride those three years actually were. The fact that I even made it to this point is barely believable. Sure, I’d always planned to go to university ever since I was a child. I even knew what degree to pursue by age 10, as mad as it sounds. But never did I envision how I was going to get there; where I would go; who I would meet; and lastly, where I would go from then on.

Tuesday 15th July was a HOT day. The campus was filled with students and their guests. It was chaotic, but also a friendly and celebratory atmosphere. The graduating ceremony itself was formal, but also relaxed enough for certain students to sprint into push ups on stage and take selfies before shaking the Vice-Chancellor’s hand. The speeches were interesting enough and had an uplifting air to them that highlighted the changing world with a special emphasis on how lucky we were at this moment in time to collect our degrees as well as the impact of social network media on the world today.

Back to the question of whether graduation was worth going to due to the unhappiness of the results, I would say I made the right choice. It’s difficult at this moment to look passed the results in the cold light of day, no matter how understanding my family and friends are. It’s that thing of once you get something into your head; it’s mighty hard to release it. For me, schooling was everything and I knew it was a platform that I was to be judged on. However, I refuse to let a number revolve around my life.

It’ll just take time to realise that life is more than a piece of paper.

Happy Graduation to the Class of 2014!



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