Facts and Fiction.

The unemployment rate in the UK stands at 2.2 million, or 6.8%,  as of May 2014 and of that figure, 868,000 are in the 16-24 year old category. The good news is that the overall unemployment statistic is at its lowest number for the first time in five years. The bad news is that graduates are still finding it extremely difficult to find jobs that a) have anything to do with our degrees and b) if we do manage to find a graduate job, the starting salary is at a stagnated rate having not increased from the time recession hit where graduate wages were the first cuts. It is a fact that unemployment is declining for this quarter, but is the picture as rosy as politicians paint it?

The Guardian tells us “there were 60 applications for every vacancy in 2013, compared with 49 in 2011” illustrating the growing competitive nature the working world is for graduates right now. The challenges facing those of us looking for work is practically impossible ones to overcome at the moment. Graduates want to be working having completed years of further education, but which employers are driven to take the risk in training those who have just left University and are hungry to establish themselves?

The problem is it is becoming clearer by the day that it is no longer sufficient to have only an undergraduate degree when applying for jobs. In reality, to find a steady and secure workplace, we would either have go straight into a Masters course with the intention of specialising to leapfrog other candidates or be continuously gaining work experience throughout our schooling years to boost our CV’s and thereby leapfrog other candidates. Over the last two years, it has become more and more apparent that due to the lack of jobs available, employers have had to be extremely selective which sadly means completely bypassing University graduates. Indeed, when our names are thrown into the pit, the beast spits them out again such is the disregard for our accomplishments. The story is plainly written for the near future, but perhaps we can cling to the hope that the writing is only in pencil.

This is a discussion that we all need to have: graduates, employers and societal leaders. It might be annoying to hear for some, but we are the leaders of tomorrow and the discussion is an important one as there is a strong lack of awareness on the issue of expectation. Young adults, particularly those around 16-18 years old, should be aware that a University degree is no longer enough to chart out a career because graduate jobs are truly limited and in high demand. Don’t be fooled into the trap of just thinking that University is enough. Nope, go to University planning ahead and thinking of a Masters or graduate programme in mind. People may not want to admit it, but soon enough it will become a norm for students seeking higher education to also be have a Masters degree under their belts.

I would encourage graduates to check out both the graduation and higher education sections of The Guardian’s online content. Links are here:



Don’t be too depressed about the future, though. Summer is officially here, the year is 2014, and the World Cup starts in a matter of hours.

Song of the week: K’Naan – Wavin’ Flag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTJSt4wP2ME


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